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Daikin VRV Libraries Available for Trane TRACE Modeling!

ThermalNetics and Daikin AC are pleased to announce the availability of custom VRV equipment libraries for use in Trane TRACE 700. These equipment libraries offer an additional method for modeling the energy consumption of Daikin equipment for LEED projects or energy studies.

The custom equipment library is now available in the software tools section on Daikin AC's website. To read more about the VRV Libraries available in Trane Trace, click here.

Daikin McQuay Modular Central Chiller Plants - The High Efficiency, Low Cost Alternative to Site-Built Central Plants!

The Daikin McQuay Modular Central Plant combines a chiller, cooling tower, pumps and piping in a pre-engineered, pre-assembled package. This innovative system is the ideal alternative to site-built central plants when space or construction schedules are critical issues.

Building Application: Ideal for data centers, schools, colleges, health care facilities - anywhere building space is critical

Featuring: Modular package combining a chiller, cooling tower, pumps and condenser piping

Benefits: Lower installed costs, reduced installed time and pre-engineered, factory built quality

Click here to read how Kingman Regional Medical Center reduced electrical energy costs by 20% using the Daikin McQuay Modular Central Plant.

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Emerging Technologies

Reflok®. An Aluminium pipeline connection system for HVAC air conditioning and DX refrigeration systems, that requires NO HEAT!

Reflok® is a revolutionary connection system which combines aerospace technology using aluminium in place of copper tube.
The Reflok® connector requires NO heat, NO hot works permit is required, NO fire alarm stand down, NO smouldering time,

Uniquely, Reflok® allows the use of aluminium tubing which is cleaner, greener and much more cost effective. No heat and no copper means no oxidation and no need to purge the system. Blocked filters and damaged compressors will become a thing of the past.

Reflok® offers a comprehensive range of HVAC air conditioning and DX refrigeration tube sizes with connectors and adaptors from 1/4" to 2 1/8". As well as straight tube and reduction connectors, Reflok® offers innovative BS box and Fan Coil connector solutions. Click here to see Reflok® in action.

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