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Daikin Trailblazer Air Cooled Scroll Chillers: Changing the Way You Think About Air Cooled Chillers

Daikin Trailblazer air cooled scroll chillers are feature
rich, with industry leading performance and a low installed cost. Combine this with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance and these reliable 30 to 180-ton chillers provide big benefits for small to mid-sized buildings as well as mission
critical applications like data centers and hospitals. With
features typically found on more expensive chillers, why settle for anything but a Daikin air cooled chiller?

Reliable - Trailblazer is built on the solid foundation of reliability and robust design of Daikin’s AGZ chiller product.
- Exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2013 & FEMP 2012 standards.
Quiet - Sound pressure ratings as low as 60 dBA, without any optional acoustic treatment.
Low cost of ownership - Trailblazer’s low installed cost, combined with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance provide the lowest total cost of ownership.
Ideal for retrofit - Compact unit footprint can save installation space & costs.
Mission critical applications - Trailblazer was designed to handle the demanding requirements of data centers and hospitals. The RapidRestore™ feature along with the high evaporator leaving water temperature capability (65˚F) makes Trailblazer the ideal choice.
Responsible refrigerants - The Trailblazer chillers use R-410A, which has no ozone depletion potential and no
phase-out schedule .
Easy to integrate - Our Open Choices™ feature allows the unit controls to easily integrate with your choice of building automation system using LonTalk®, BACnet® or Modbus® open protocols.
LEED® points - All dual circuit models qualify for LEED EAC - 4 for Enhanced Refrigerant Management worth 2 points.

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Daikin VRV IV: Setting the Standard Again!

VRV IV Air-Cooled Heat Pump

Daikin's VRV IV systems integrate advanced technology to provide comfort control with maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Currently available in heat pump configurations, VRV IV provides a solution for multi-family residential to large commercial applications desiring heating or cooling. The VRV IV is the first variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to be assembled in the United States.


  • Total comfort solution for heating, cooling, ventilation and controls
  • Redesigned and optimized for total Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Reduced install cost and increased flexibility as compared to VRV III with larger capacity single modules up to 14 tons and system capacity up to 34 tons
  • Efficiency improved over VRV III by an average of 11% with IEER values now up to 28
  • Improved seasonal efficiency as compared to VRV III with automatic and customizable Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) climate tuning
  • Best-In-Class warranty with 10 year compressor and parts as standard
  • Reduced commissioning time vs. VRV III with VRV configurator software and Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Design flexibility with long piping lengths up to 3,280 ft. total and 100 ft. vertical separation between indoor units
  • Take advantage of Daikin's unique zone and centralized controls that are optimized for the specific needs of North America


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Emerging Technologies

TMI Climate Solutions: Packaged Mechanical Penthouses

TMI Climate Solutions, located in Holly, MI,has been providing custom air handling units with complete piping since the late 1980's. In addition to pre-piped and wired custom units, TMI provides complete factory assembled mechanical penthouses, which encompass mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, piping systems, power distribution, controls, etc., to provide a fully functional mechanical room. The advantages of a TMI mechanical penthouse are:

  • Lower overall project cost
  • Single point responsibility
  • One stop warranty and service
  • High quality based on a factory controlled installation
  • Shortened construction cycle
  • Flexibility
  • Turnkey projects from design through installation

Common equipment found within these penthouses:

  • Air Handling Systems
  • Packaged Boiler Systems
  • Air Cooled/Water Cooled Chiller Systems
  • Emergency Power Generators
  • Steam Generators
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Motor Control Centers/Variable Frequency Drives
  • Electrical Switch Gear
  • Cooling Towers
  • Pumps
  • Controls

For more information, contact us or visit TMI's website.