Making Headlines

The ClimaCool Chiller Application Guide is Now Available!

The newly released ClimaCool Application Guide is now available for all modular chiller products.

This powerful tool describes the operation of various application models, including easy to follow illustrations.

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Daikin Announces the VRV IV Heat Pump, the World's First VRV Assembled in the United States!

In February, Daikin North America LLC announced the launch of the new VRV IV heat pump system which is optimized for total Life cycle cost (LCC) and the first VRV to be assembled in Houston, TX.


VRV heating and cooling systems are used throughout the world in commercial, industrial and residential applications.  Daikin was the first company to design and install a VRV system in Japan in 1982.  From that date it has continued to set some of the highest performance standards in the HVAC industry. Until now, North American installations of VRV systems relied on imported systems.

Daikin, one of the world's largest manufacturers of indoor heating, cooling and refrigerant products made the announcement at the company's newly expanded residential cooling products and commercial VRV manufacturing facility. The announcement has a positive economic impact in the Houston community with the addition of over 250 jobs.

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Emerging Technologies

SecureAire's ACS System with Particle Control and INACTIVATE™ Technology

SecureAire’s Advanced Collector System (ACS) is today’s most advanced Electronically Enhanced Air Purification System. The ACS utilizes semiconductor airborne contamination reduction technologies, also known as Particle Control, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of SecureAire’s filtration media. Particle Control is the mechanism that provides the ability to reduce and or remove airborne contamination challenges such as particles, TVOC’s, smoke, odors, and dissolved gases from an indoor space.

In addition to Particle Control, another feature of the ACS is its ability to provide airborne pathogen inactivation thru our INACTIVATE™ Technology. Once captured within the filter matrix of the ACS, this technology reduces organisms’ ability to grow by providing the necessary voltage strength to oxidize and kill airborne pathogens. This includes bacteria (bacillus subtilus, Anthrax), fungi (mold), and viruses such as the Human Cold virus, MERSA, MERS, SARS, and Influenza to name a few. Third Party testing has confirmed the ability to inactivate up to 99% of the Anthrax surrogate, bacillus subtilus, one of the more difficult organisms to kill.

SecureAire’s ACS is the only system that utilizes both Particle Control and INACTIVATE™ Technologies! The ability to exert control over fine particles along with the unique ability to render captured particles inactive are critical to any current day air filtration system. Whether being deployed in an airport, casino, commercial building, hospital, healthcare clinic, laboratory, sports arena, vivarium or any other building, SecureAire’s ACS System is today’s proven choice.

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