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January 2014: Now Available! SmartSource Single-Stage and Two-Stage Water Source Heat Pumps

Daikin McQuay announces SmartSource™, a new line of water source heat pump products with industry leading efficiencies, low noise operation and a wide range of features and options that are unmatched in the industry.

Available in ½ to 6 ton capacities in single-stage and 2 to 6 ton in 2-stage; in both horizontal and vertical configurations the Daikin McQuay SmartSource features high Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER) - up to 22.2 at full load and 29.8 in part load - that far exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards and makes the units perfect for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) projects and utility rebate opportunities.

For more information on the SmartSource WSHPs, please contact us.


November 2013: The Daikin McQuay Rebel Provides Quick Payback with World Class Energy Savings and Unbeatable Part-Load Efficiencies!

The new Daikin McQuay Rebel commercial packaged rooftop system offers building owners unprecedented energy savings using quality manufactured McQuay equipment incorporated with advanced, industry-leading technologies that include VAV operation from 3-12 tons, variable speed Daikin heat pump with hybrid (gas, electric, hot water) heat options, Variable speed ECM motors on all fans, ultra-quiet composite Daikin condenser fans, and a variable speed Daikin inverter scroll compressor that minimizes on/off cycling.

Rebel’s innovative design creates air conditioning part-load energy efficiencies (as high as 20.6 IEER) that overwhelmingly surpass ASHRAE’s 90.1 performance standard by a staggering 84%.

Rebel also offers great energy savings in the heating mode with COP’s at 47°F that are as high as 3.8. And during winter months, Rebel’s heat pump provides significantly lower operating costs than any type of alternative mechanical heat, including traditional gas furnaces.

Click here to view the video on the Rebel packaged RTU.

For more information, please contact us.


September 2013: Time Lapse Video of Building a Custom Air Handler!

Innovent has posted an exciting new video on YouTube! It's a time lapse of manufacturing a large custom air handler unit for a pharmaceutical plant. Viewers see 3 weeks compressed into an action-packed 3 minutes spotlighting Innovent's capabilities.

Click here to view the video, and strap in for the ride!


July 2013: Daikin McQuay Modular Central Chiller Plants - The High Efficiency, Low Cost Alternative to Site-Built Central Plants!

The Daikin McQuay Modular Central Plant combines a chiller, cooling tower, pumps and piping in a pre-engineered, pre-assembled package. This innovative system is the ideal alternative to site-built central plants when space or construction schedules are critical issues.

Building Application: Ideal for data centers, schools, colleges, health care facilities - anywhere building space is critical

Featuring: Modular package combining a chiller, cooling tower, pumps and condenser piping

Benefits: Lower installed costs, reduced installed time and pre-engineered, factory built quality

Click here to read how Kingman Regional Medical Center reduced electrical energy costs by 20% using the Daikin McQuay Modular Central Plant.

To learn more about Daikin McQuay Modular Central Chiller Plants, contact us!


April 2013: Daikin McQuay Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Compressor Chillers

Since magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor chillers were first covered in an Emerging Technologies article in the ASHRAE Journal in 2003, this technology has proven its energy efficiency in ten years of HVAC applications. A new article in the February 2013 ASHRAE Journal cites continuing advances in this chiller technology. Click here to read the article.

  • The U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), has included water cooled, oil-free magnetic bearing compressor technology among its “top 20 technologies for deployment”.
  • Continuing scalability of the technology, with magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers now available in capacities up to 700 tons.
  • The technology’s excellent efficiency at part load.
  • Specific benefits for schools and data center applications.

Learn more about the innovative technology and performance of Daikin McQuay Magnitude® magnetic bearing compressor chillers, available from 100 to 700 tons.

Contact us to learn how your system could benefit from the efficiency and reliability of Magnitude chillers.


April 2012: Need a Chiller Fast? McQuay Chillers and Condensing Units are in stock and ready to ship!

McQuay has a great selection of chillers and condensing units ready for immediate shipment. We even offer hard to find units in our stocking program - air cooled chillers above 200 tons and centrifugal chillers, as well as our frictionless compressor chillers.

Our chiller and condensing units:

  • Meet or exceed ASHRAE Std. 90.1
  • Are designed to be the quietest in the industry
  • Offer our Open ChoicesTM feature for easy integration with your choice of building automation system
  • Are factor testes for reliable operation on the job

For more information on the units and options available, see our Chiller Stocking Program brochure, or contact us!


April 2011: NEW! Daikin McQuay Magnitude™ WME in 400 to 500 Tons... Ideal for Green Buildings!
Ultra-efficient McQuay Magnitude™ Chillers (0.31kw/ton IPLV) are ideal for high performance HVAC systems and have been installed in sustainable buildings designed to meet requirements for LEED® Green Building Certification. For more information on Magnitude™ Chillers or designing high performance HVAC systems, contact ThermalNetics or click here to watch the video on McQuay's website.


January 2011: AbsolutAire® E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Systems
AbsolutAire® E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Systems are the Best Available Technology to preserve precious resources, slash heating & ventilating costs and shrink our environmental footprint. This industry-first innovation is your earth-first solution.

The unique and unprecedented E-Series combines the very best features of indirect-fired air turnover units and direct-fired heating systems. The heart of the concept beats strong. Less horsepower is used for maximum ventilating with efficient axial fans. And less fuel is used for maximum heating and reduced emissions with 100% efficient direct-fired burners. AbsolutAire has a patent applied for on this breakthrough technology.

For more information on the E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover system, click here or contact ThermalNetics.


November 2010: Supporting a Worthy Cause
The Detroit Public School's Communications and Media Arts (CMA) High School was slated to close and deemed "non-essential" in part of DPA's cost-cutting strategy. The leadership in the new bond proposal (led by Robert Bobb) assembled a team of subcontractors and suppliers and solicited donations for the renovation of CMA. This resulted in the project being funded by donations from the local community to keep the school open.

ThermalNetics was pleased to donate three new Daikin ductless heat pump systems with indoor wall mount evaporators and outdoor condensing units to support the community and CMA.

NBC's "School Pride" taped the renovations and aired the program on November 5th, 2010. You can view the highlights of the episode by clicking here. For more information, you can also check out "Tell Us Detroit" broadcast by clicking here.


October 2010: ThermalNetics Partners with Motivair
ThermalNetics is pleased to announce that we are now representing Motivair in Southeast Michigan!

Motivair is a leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings. Quality, reliability and energy-saving are the three core philosophies embodied in all Motivair products. For more information, contact ThermalNetics or click here to visit Motivair's website.


September 2010: Emerging Technologies: SEMCO Chilled Beams
Chilled beams combine radiant cooling with conventional overhead ventilation to reduce energy usage, improve comfort levels, and reduce the architectural impact of ductwork and other mechanical systems.

SEMCO's Flexicool® product range offers various solutions for cooling and cooling/heating combined with high efficient ventilation and different accessories as lighting and different control solutions. For more information on the SEMCO Flexicool® chilled beams contact ThermalNetics or click here to be directed to SEMCO's website.


June 2010: Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ Air-Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller - watch the video today!
Daikin and McQuay have teamed their resources and technologies to provide the most innovative products to our customers. Daikin McQuay products offer industry leading results in quality, performance and sustainability. The Pathfinder™ Air-Cooled Chiller is the epitome of that innovation.

To watch the video and learn more about how the Pathfinder™ Chiller is the quietest chiller in it's class, click here.

For more information on the Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ Chiller, contact ThermalNetics.


April 2010: ThermalNetics Partners with Broad
ThermalNetics is pleased to announce that we are now representing Broad USA Absorption Chillers in Michigan. Broad is the Global leader in Absorption technology with over 50% market share. Broad Absorbers offer the highest efficiencies up to 1.4 COP and an application range from 60 to 3000 tons and can deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to your project. Broad Absorbers come in direct, indirect fired or multi-energy configurations and can provide the flexibility for building to stay completive in the 21st century. We invite you to take a fresh look at the economics for Absorption Cooling. For more information, contact ThermalNetics or click here to visit Broad's website.


February 2010: AbsolutAire: Valued ThermalNetics Partner
We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with AbsolutAire, a Kalamazoo, Michigan based manufacturer. AbsolutAire Pure and Simple Solutions provide outstanding value in meeting market needs for direct-fired make-up air and heating and ventilating. If you would like more information on AbsolutAire, contact ThermalNetics or click here to be directed to AbsolutAire's website.


September 2009: ThermalNetics Team Members Earn LEED® Accreditation
ThermalNetics is pleased to announce several team members who have earned the designation of a LEED® Accredited Professional: Rick Sutkiewicz, Tim Winn, Jon Sheard, Nick Evanoff, Cory Petersen and Jamie Jankowski.


September 2009: BIM Revit: Primary Partner Ahead of the Game
ThermalNetics’ primary partner, McQuay, is proving to be ahead of the competition as a provider of Building Information Modeling, known within the industry as BIM. BIM is the technology of combining all aspects of a building’s internal and external factors into a 2D and 3D intelligence database. As a single integrated source for all associated information, BIM’s integration allows for one design change to automatically adjust the information model accordingly. McQuay is aggressively pursuing a leadership position in the HVAC community by collecting the most comprehensive library of BIM object models and content for these integrated databases. For more information on BIM capabilities or McQuay products, read the full article, read about BIM on, or contact us.


September 2009: Emerging Technologies: Tempeff Dual Core™ Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment
With today's rising energy costs, and need for sustainable building solutions, Tempeff Dual Core™ products can be an ideal solution to reduce ventilation energy costs and energy recovery system complexity. Contact ThermalNetics or visit Tempeff to learn more about these advantages:

  • 90% temperature efficiency
  • Up to 70% latent energy recovery in winter
  • Frost resistant operation
  • Low maintenance

September 2009:ThermalNetics Supports Development of Solar-Powered House
ThermalNetics was a Silver Sponsor of ALOeTERRA’s completely solar-powered house as part of Lawrence Technological University’s solar decathlon 2007. To learn more about the use of energy-saving technologies in building and design practices, visit


September 2009: Valent: Valued ThermalNetics Partner
ThermalNetics is proud to offer an innovative suite of HVAC equipment for our clients’ custom solutions. Having valued partners such as Valent helps us achieve this goal. Valent is an innovative provider of value-added, problem solving air management systems. When projects call for handling large quantities of outside air, it’s crucial to have an air management system that is custom engineered, and which draws upon years of experience. With Valent as a partner, our engineers receive high-value features and economical solutions. For more on Valent, contact us.


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